Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exam DONE!!

*no make-up? with make-up?*
Ok, i sorta VBlogged about my day. so scroll down for the videos :)
yay! today is the final paper. i mean...the FIRST and FINAL paper for the sem
LOL, indeed we only have one paper and it was only an hour test with 32 multiple choice questions

apparently i met Lissy on the streetcar, we actually took the same subway but then we didn't bump into each other. I saw Kevin but then I guess he didn't see me?
went to lecture hall and Karan gave me one of this..
yah it's eatable! Cherry flavor, hoho
sexy guys' backs. LOL
exam started and alot of people finished the paper withint 15-20mins
OMG..those smart asses ~GEEZ (-___-)
it took me at least 35mins to get it done,
well im slow in exams, no point for rushing!

so we went home early because there's nothing to do
got home around 2pm after that went shopping with my daddy!
bought alot of stuff! heavy (-___-)
and it was snowing and freaking cold.
as you know, we walked. WALK

here's a pic of my little snack
peanut butter with crackers. 4 crackers = 70 CALS

during the night. i chose to stay away from my laptop because of the strong rays
had been having major headache, and really tired!
so i have to make it a habit and stop staying in front of my lappy!
YAY i've made cookies! (^__^)
for my sexy friends at school~
took me 3hours for everything (-____-)"
ginger man! but the flavor is oatmeal, no ginger =P

alot more! my dad and bro just wouldn't control their temptation. LOL
kept on picking on the cookies
x'mas trees! teehee
wheee, packed it all up for people! ❤
my bro asked me to pack him some cookies for him to bring to school
he ❤ the gingerman cookie! LOL and the smiley faces (:


Have a great day everyone
Merry Christmas



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