Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday FUN

today went to school with natural make-up
i had my H1N1+Flu Shot yesterday, neh it didn't hurt at all. no worries! (:
we only spent an hour in class today, just handed in our work and we went off
our first stop was BBT Shop TEA 168 (:

sorry the pictures are a little mixed up, because of the upload machine
i don't really like it. hard to differentiate which goes first and last.
anyhow...hanna, lis, karen, juyeon and i went for bubbletea 珍珠奶茶
hanna and juyeon left early
after that lis, karen and I stayed back and played some really lame game. LOL
lis and I couldn't stop laughing. probably was the bbt which made us really high

after that went to Ardene's and I bought 2 new handbags, AWESOME! i haven't really bought myself anything nice since i came to Canada. well..yah just something to give myself for putting hard effort on my school work? yesh (:
after that we walked to Eaton's Centre for shopping!
and we saw christmas decorations! X'Mas tree!
awwww pretty! Swarovski 100% real diamond all hanging on the tree

enjoy :)

the tree is actually really TALL
outside view of the weather. it was snowing when we got out from Ardene's
really pretty (:
another shot from another angle...
diamonds! omg aren't they pretty (>__<)
yes i know they are pretty. LOL

introducing Hanna Bink and Juyeon Kang featuring Taro+Tapioca

the lame game i was talking about before..LOL
guess what, we had 2 rounds, and i lost 2 rounds. FAIL. XD

karen ordered hot chocolate, awww such a cute cup!
hanna wanted to pose beside it somehow..haha
my drink of the day. "Honey Citron+Tapioca"
i remember i ordered SMALL but then the waitress gave me Large and charged me for it (-_-)
oh well~
after shopping we went home around 7.30pm
woooh! the subway..LESS people in it. GOOD

what happened yesterday...?
good question. LOL my dad got me some stuff!

Victoria Jackson make-up palette, jewellery stand, necklace and a multi-purpose jewellery
(seriously, it's multi-purpose, trust me. LOL)

the black beads are magnetic, so it can be a bracelet, or a necklace, or an anklet
WOW.really anything, but not to be a string for boxes/heavy objects, it'll break =O= DUH

the sexy make-up palette.. YAY~
yah all my accesories, finally place them altogether.
these are just partly. there are more...
yea my two really sexy handbags. LOVE 'em.
i don't know why the photo just..flipped by itself when i uploaded it
but yah~ i guess you still can see it? teehee

having a major headache, since yesterday, but then i still wanna blog
because i can't leave out what happened today in my life
LOL every moment is treasurable. ouh well

going to have a Multiple Choice Questions EXAM tomorrow for Production
thank you. LOL~

after that, I guess I'm done for school!
just needa hand in projects :)

For those of you who are currently having exams
stay healthy
sanitize your hands
take care



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