Friday, December 4, 2009


*pic taken in D.A class*

Friday is like the best day of the week. Probably coz it's Friday! I get to sleep late and sleep in the next day! :)
Anyway, had a great class today. Basically was just having free lessons!
English= we didn't do anything, just took the survey and went to the lab
Digital Applications= Gary was giving a one on one feedback about our work :)
If you guys wanna see my work I'll try to post it up here~ just to share! hehe

was joking/teasing Lissy so hard today. LOL couldn't stop laughing XD
a pic of the sexay ladeee LISSY! -btw she's a HUGE SNSD fan-
i was Facebooking in class playin my Cafe World. Suddenly John came. LOL
i took a snap shot of him -intentionally- LOL~
he was playin with my camera. haha
a snapshot pic of our class

Finally it was my turn to get my 1 on 1 view of my project with Gary
Gary said it was a huge change! much better than the one before =)
just need to fix some things~

we got outta school around 5.40pm
weather is extremely cold today. (-3degrees) WOW!
took a pic of Hanna. LOL she was on the other side of the subway (she had to go south)
with Das's fingers. squish squish!
oh gosh, looks like Hanna's in a tv frame. lol

there were extremely MANY people today in the subway(-___-)
no joke! yesterday wasnt as bad as today~
i have no idea why it's like that
the worst was the stop at Dundas Station(Eaton's Centre) shopping mall
gosh~ i guess people were shopping for X'Mas? :)
a pic of me and that sexay woman-Lissy!
crowded subway.-sigh-

tomorrow's goin out to celebrate my brother's 17th birthday :)
Happy Birthday Brother


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