Monday, December 7, 2009

i've had enough!!

study study study
imma nerd! yaaa~
yesterday was my bro's 17th house gathering mini party
i had a little drink. lol~was getting hawt but aint drunk =P
anyway, i slept at 4am again last night
im totally ridiculous
i was suppose to sleep early to keep my healthy routine
and ya i ended up chatting with an old friend of mine

i stayed home the whole day today
woke up at 12pm~had cereal for lunch
i should stop
nowadays whenever i go online i'll check FB
and then my YouTube channel
after that my BLOG
and all took me 2-3hours or more

was happy about my YouTube Music Channel
seems like people are really supportin my music
thank you so much =) xoxo love you guys!
hope to get more support! please click the following link:

in fact, my ranking raised up to Top 20 Most Subscribed Musicians at Canada
woooh! that's sexy. LOL

wokeup half and hour later got a PM from Lissy...
telling me to check my NEW SEMESTER'S schedule
and yesh it came out TODAY
so i went on..
Lissy gave me a warning..
"Don't kill me"

indeed...after seeing my new schedule
i was RED HOT
i shall say~
i have 8am CLASS?! yah WTH
which means i have to get up at 6am?!
it takes me around 45mins by subway to get to school
i like the fact that i only have 1 class which ends at 6pm =P
and i have thursdays OFF? (-___-)"
i prefer Mondays off~GAAH

Lissy and I were....mad
ohhh well~

shall stop complaining..LOL
i worked the whole day today
worked as in my school assignments

i was so so so busy the past few days
and ended up doing everything which is due tomomrrow, TODAY.
was doin this and doing that
my eyes were straining from my laptop
had been staring at it almost the whole day

that's not it, i still have TONS of work
TONS i mean TONS
going crazy soon!

can't wait til my holiday starts~!
lotsa parties to go to =P
and X'Mas is coming soon!!
gonna have fun with my sexy friends



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