Wednesday, December 9, 2009


snowstorm started yesterday night
and when i wokeup this morning everywhere was filled with white icy snow :)
It's really pretty~

but when i got out from my condo..
the floor was WET! and slushy, SO HARD TO WALK
hate it

btw, people from Malaysia were asking me for pictures of snow at Canada
so here are some of them from the 1st day of snow since autumn :)
the snow ain't that thick, but soon it's gonna thicken up!
check out winter sceneries~
have fun looking!!~

a mini scene beside my condo =D loves the lights

a random scene from downtown Toronto while walkin with Lissy
took this when i was on the way walking to the subway
took me 20mins compare to my usual 10mins walk.-sigh-
daddy took this shot from my room

aaaaa~~ sexy winter!
will be pretty busy!
til i'll blog again tomorrow! :)

take care and merry christmas


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