Friday, January 29, 2010


oooo yesh! my Adobe Illustrator skills are improving :)
it's not fully done yet, but soon! teehee
working hard on it.

I finally found time to blog and enjoy myself
Ever since school started, projects are getting piled up!
seriously. A lot of projects & work. Madness.

i was browsing some shop on net and i came along with this couple t-shirt
isn't it cute? awww :)
i wanna get it, but then i don't know who to wear it with
so i only can admire, but not wearing it on me :(

Lunch Today...

Bulgogi $7.85

Went to St. Lawrence Market with my classmates for lunch
dad was suppose to bring me boiled potatoes to school but then time was running out

Today's weather is freaking cold. I think it was -14 degrees. (-__-)"
After lunch we walked back to our campus~

Saw John and Corbin in the lab. Paparazzi snapshot! =P

in the subway..on the way home...
ahahaha ooo Lissy~
LOL Lissy again with her priceless expression

The subway train announced that one of the trains have to undergo construction, so all of us stopped at Yorkmills station. Deeee~
and we waited for the next train.

Got home...
saw daddy in the kitchen
and I went in and started yelling..
"Ah Ba!!! I wanna cook!!"

okiee then, he let me cook. LOL
actually all ingredients already prepared by my dad, it's just that I was the one who cooked the dish ;P

not bad eh?
5 stars?

okie gtg start working on my drawing now

i just couldn't stop myself from working....
take care peeps



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