Saturday, January 23, 2010

sushi for saturday

wow, went grocery shopping again today with my Dad :)
went to Sunny Supermarket
saw 2 groups of people volunteered to help-out in the donation of the earthquake happened at Haiti the other day. Daddy and I donated some for charity~God Bless the people

I went into the supermarket with my Dad and started walking around by myself

i bought some stuff from the supermarket and was planning to make sushi! My brother had been wanting to eat them so I've tried making them at home~

I had been sorta obsessed about cooking lately...
Last Thursday night..
I made dinner for my family :)

3 dishes, hoho
Those reddish brown stuff on plates are onion rings

As for today, I made sushi at home~!
First time making them and it was a great success!
HOHO (^_____^)

Daddy and brother ate ALOT
they finished the first plate (-____-)
best thing is, Dad said it was the best dish I've ever made. LOL
he just couldn't stop eating... ngeeeh! haha~

I had a haircut today too~
went to the salon with my Dad
I only trimmed my hair, not much big difference
just cut off the dead ends and waiting for my hair to grow longer :)

my dad got a crew cut.

take care :)


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