Sunday, January 17, 2010

a week of time

you might be wondering what i had been doing a week ago. LOL
ALOT of things
school started on monday and there's already assignments O_O"

went out with Gordon on Tuesday
sat in his new blue sports car. LOL (-__-)"
shopped with him...can't believe he bought all the clothes I recommended him (o___o)

he even bought me a new dress from H&M ~LOL thx (:
school school busy days
took this photo yesterday
less photo taking these days. LOL
hanna drew us as animen characters. hoho
guess which one is me? =P
i don't know why the photo rotated by itself =_=" GAAH
a view of Toronto sunset. pretty (:

i went to Eaton Centre alone and walked around. Because had to wait for my dad
was hungry, so i bought something from NYF^^
Poutine!!! teehee, tasted soooo good :) fulfilling too
after that i went to Eglinton Station to meet up with my dad and bro
because I had to sit for my G1 test :)
G1 is driver's sign/rules test. It's just like computer test at Malaysia.
Had to study the handbook :)
*didn't really study* just took a few look
and yes i PASSED! teehee happy~
can proceed into learning my driving at Canada! hehe

some random day...
i found the dried up roses from my graduating from St. Joes..

and I had been eating ALOT lately
food photos~~

tomyam fried rice


On Friday... our class started so early, had to wakeup at 6am = =
i slept at 1.30am tho~geez
i put my alarm at 6am but then i snoozed at 6.40am = =
i guess i must have pressed the snooze button in my dream. hahaha LOL
we had 2hours of lunch time, so we walked over to Eaton's foodcourt...
yah i wore glasses+ without make-up to school
the girls were shocked =_=
Lis said: Natural!! *thumbs up* yaa
LOL~ photo taken by Linh eating chicken =P

after class i went to meet up with my other friend...
and we went to a japan restaurant for dinner...
hoho the sushi tasted so good :)
the people working there are all Japanese
the pretty japanese waitress said that she thought that Im Japanese when the first time she sees me
omg~*couldn't stop smiling* hahahaahahahahaha

anyway.. (-____-)"
take a look at my class assignments.. teeheee

haha..i was bored in class, well this is not an assignment, just something i drew by myself outta total randomness
this is my assignment :)
we had to do business card. Design our own business card
hehe~kuromi! Love her =D

on my way home...
i bumped into Christian and Vivi on the subway! they just got back from Waterloo

went to karaoke with Nicole Christian and Brian

my days. busy days?
i think so

take care :)