Thursday, January 21, 2010


 lately had been really lazy to put on "proper" make-up
anyway~ i went for grocery shopping with my family again!
so i went to walk around in the mall by myself...
bought some stuff for beauty! =]

bought these 2 items. The one on the right is for facial cleansing purposes.
 Good for exfloliating dead skin cells =]

after that...i went home~ got a text from Ray asking me for hang-out...
he brought me to this place....a place to eat BBQ stuff? LOL

i don't know what is this jelly but it tasted good =D
this is...BBQ beef
this is squid! oooo yea his fingers remind me of woman's fingers.LOL!!
after food we went for a drink at Go For Tea (:
i ordered.... Rose Tea! ooooolala~

a hint of honey for greater sweetness
the overall atmosphere is really nice~
aaaah~so romantic! *dreams*
Wednesday..which was yesterday...
finally went out with Amanda =]
we went to shoppers for walk walk~
then we walked to TenRen for ice slush!!

no we are not crazy, eventhou it's winter,
but we still have ice slush? (@__@)
but actually..yesh it is pretty crazy.

this is what Amanda ordered... Green Tea Pudding with Red Beans!
my plate of slush...
Hibiscus Flower with Tapioca
yah you might be wondering.. wth is the flower thing?
I have no idea too, it tasted SWEET, really SWEET
and flowery.

after that we walked home..
and we stopped by at Metro to shop!
i bought alot of things~
cereal, bread, chips
was gonna buy fish for my dad, but then no one was serving me (-___-)
ended up not buying any FISH!

after that went to Mr. SUB and got my brother a meatball sandwich
went home after that~

felt asleep on my bed in front of the laptop. -AGAIN-
didn't know what happen before.
I will totally lost my memory if I sleep in front of the laptop. LOL


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