Thursday, February 4, 2010

karaoke thursday

yesh i am always free on Thursdays
school holidays on every Thursday for me this sem. teehee! :)
Lissy suggested we gonna sing-K today. so yea i booked k-lunch for both of us ~

my eye make-up for today. it's non-edited. so yea
i've finally used the single false lashies Amanda gave me.
works pretty well on the lower lashes! :)

i went out around 11.35am, thinking that i was gonna be late
went to the station and waited for the bus around 5mins~
the karaoke place ain't that far, just took around 10mins~

i went to the reception and yah...
started singing by myself first..

warm up warm up

after 30mins Lissy arrived..
and yesh the karaoke goes on!...
sing sing sing...
look at Lissy, she's soooo into the song
apparently she had to bring lyrics for chinese songs, which are G.E.M's songs coz she doesn't know chinese. heh~

so we sang mostly English songs.. ooo well?

sang til 3.30pm~~~ k-lunch over. hoho
went home after that...
weather ain't that cold today
still good to go~


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