Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland 3D

Went to watch A.I.W 3D today
It was an awesome movie =D
you guys should totally watch it. The effects are extremely awesome
storyline is pretty good too. graphics are fab! =]
go watch it at IMAX cinema. Effects are extremely good
teehee~ i shall give it a 4.5/5!

yup, I went to watch movie with today at Vaughan cinema~
he bought the tickets 3 days ago and handed them to me to keep it =P
he came to pick me up around 1.30pm and said i look like so byatch today =_="
Gosh. i dun even know what he meant by that~

he brought me to an ice-cream store~
because he didn't want my stomache to be hungry. LOL
so yesh he ordered yogurt for me. deng deng~

he ordered banana split for himself.
yah he gave me the bananas. =D

on Thursday..the Adobe programs on my laptop expired =_=
so he came to help me, but failed~
so he brought me to school instead.
and yesh..he came and bought me eye drops~
coz i always stare at the computer for long hours . keke =P

ooo well...
i'll blog again tomorrow.. :)


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