Sunday, March 7, 2010

amanda, jason, me

my look of the day. my mummy got this dress for me from malaysia.hehe ^_^
i havent seen amanda and jason for such a long time.wheeee!
we went to Tim Horton's around 9.30pm and went to give Derrick a surprise.

after that we went to Sugar for dessert
i ordered rose+chrysanthemum tea. not in to sweet stuff lately :)

jason ordered hazelnut chocolate toast.

my bootiful tea~~ wheeeekekeke
rose buds stucked =="

someone ordered STINKY TOFU.  ~__~
3 of us couldn't stand the smell, seriously. LOL

 rice cake fingers!! RAWR!
we were bored. CAMEWHORED! wooohooo!

eeeee yah~
we went home around 12am =]
after that sat down and chi-chat with my parents
ooo well~~


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