Monday, March 8, 2010

blogging at school

don't be scared away 
because it is one of my photoshop works done at school today...

so yea i am in the lab right now...blogging. because we are having a short break =D
so today in class we learnt how to make ourselves look like an...
I dont know. but yesh it was fun =]
it's not that hard either. haha!

im feeling so empty right now. yet....empty.. really empty and sorta lonely?
but no..despite that i have lovely friends and awesome people & family around me
im proud to have what i have




amanda.poison said...

it's ok bitch

I'm always here for you =D
but yea EWWW ur pic..= =

jenny said...

hey mikko tthanks for entering my contest. its gonna end in less than an hour =) hows everything going with you??

jen from

remember to check if u won or not tonight or tomorrow mornning. good luck!!

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