Monday, March 1, 2010

chap goh meh

Sunday was the last CNY dinner with your family members
yeap I had my dinner with my family ^_^

i stayed home all day . nothing to do
my brother went out in the afternoon to meet-up with his girl
i told him to get home at 6pm for the dinner. and yesh i was hoping that he heard what i said

i was soooo tired in late afternoon~
couldn't stand it anymore and just went to take a nap around 4pm

i wokeup~ by my mom
she was on the phone. talking to my brother
"Hey, where are you now? It's time for dinner"

i woke up and went out of my room, saw the clock
it's 8.30PM~ i've been sleeping for sooo long!
and i was in a darn bad mood, because of my brother
he said he's taking 2 hours to come home
i was seriously PISSED.

family reunion dinner, and he's acting with this behavior
we waited for him til 9pm. yah he came home around 9.10pm =_="

i have no idea why the photo rotated. dengs~
but anyway, that was what we had for that night :)

after dinner~ i went out
supposedly i could go out earlier but then i had to go out after dinner
yeap, thanks for wasting time waiting for my brother.

went to DT~
soooo many people. crazy. high .
because of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
apparently Canada is ranking Top 1 now with 53 gold medals?
aweosome! congrats Canada :)

people were celebrating at downtown with flags and stuff.
all shouting and happy-ing

yesh i am proud of Canada :)

went home around 2am~
daddy and mummy was still awake because they were waiting for me to come back home

yeap..boring days right?
off with my homework now
have to draw so many again.. 4 pieces of work..
darn its... tired =(


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