Saturday, February 27, 2010

roses are red

25th February 2010
24 petals of roses
紅玫瑰  愛情 白玫瑰 我與你最相配
i am happy (:

mom came back on Thursday~
we went to the airport and fetch her
really busy day for me. was busy doing my project which was due on Friday
that's why you don't see my blogging since Tuesday

awww i miss my mom~ gave her a huge hug when i saw her
she's stil as short and as adorable as before (:
she said i became lenglui and brother became lengzai ~LOL
we changed since?

mama bought home so many stuff for me~
and also some gifts from my lovely aunts! (:

crystal gem stones bracelet
hair clip
white gold pearl necklace

Thank You to all the aunts for giving me such lovely gifts! (:

mama brought home lotsa accessories and necklaces for me
especially earrings. HOLY
accumulated my old and new ones..
my dad said i can open a jewellery shop. LOL!!

she brought home many wallets and handbags for me as well.
So many things to use. haha

glad to have the family around again (:


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