Saturday, March 13, 2010

hello again!

apologies to my fellow followers of my blog for not blogging for a week!
myeeeh!~ it's because i was pretty busy with my school work. Also I was not having a good week at all. My mood was totally upside down. Lotsa unhappy things occured and...yeap.
I'm trying hard to make myself as happy as possible by putting a smile on my face, but fail.

Today is family day. I love my family :)
I slept around 5am and wokeup at 10.30am by a phone call~ teehee! ouh yeah btw im single
stop thinking i have a bf. LOL!
After that mom was nagging bout going out late
so yea we went to North York Centre around 11.30am and had Wendy's! ^__^
Fast food again. I haven't had it since years! LOL

i ordered the Bacon+Blue cheese beef burger~ Yeap my brother was right. The blue cheese ain't that good tasting. EEEEK!
After that mama say we are gonna go shopping and we went to Eaton's
Again in the subway..I always take the train to school and I had to travel the same road again to downtown. LOL~

After that mama said we can buy anything we want...kaka~~
but yesh i didn't want mama to spend so much~
so i was gonna get a pair of shoes..and i got this pair..
i love this shoes ALOT. woohooo! ALDO love love it! Thanks my mama~ :)
after that i said i wanna get new lingeries~ then mama said okiee
then we went into La Senza.. for pretty ! ^__^

after that we went to get my brother's new shoes~
then we went back and went grocery shopping at Sunny Supermarket..

before that we went to have dinner..
i ordered this dish... woot~!

then we head home... LoL
rainy day today... not good! It wasn't that good to walk in the rain. gosh~~

here was what i did previously...on my artwork due last tuesday =D

PIZZA! i was so hungry~so mama made me ready made pizza. teeeheee


Cheryl Lo said...

OMG La Senza *jealous jealous* hope that you will have a better week kay, muacks!

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