Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day out with mom

such a beautiful day isn't it?
yup I went shopping at Eaton's(downtown) with my mom~
actually she told me to go along with her to change the pair of shoes she bought for me
change to a size 9. ya my feet is big (=__=)

so yea i went to Sears and got my shoes changed while my mom waited for me inside the station..
then i went back and told her there is sales going on. and she said lets go shop! LOL~

we went to eat first...
my lunch for the day =D
honey mustard chicken, rice and mashed potatoes
my mom's fish and chips
after that we went to get some stuff. HOHO
first went to Old Navy and i got myself a new pair of skinny pants
then we went to LUSH then to Sears..

new pair of sexy short boots.
i found them really sleek and chick. so yea. something different
then got a new pair of walking sandals. SUMMER is coming soon!
and yup another pair. =D
after that we went home and stopped at PharmaPlus got get shoe mats for my heels
while shopping..
i went to check my blood pressure
surprisingly..it's OPTIMAL. YAY i am happy :)

God Bless :)

ooo yea i went to Lush with my mom, it's a cosmetics store. All fresh handmade :)
so the salesperson was explaining to us about this and that..
my mom bought me 2 bubblebath soaps, they smelled too good~
I thought of instead of using it for bath, might as well use it and put it as a fragnance bar in my room.
since the soap contain baking soda. It just might help to absorb the stinkyness!

Titsy Totsy
Space Girl
(Lush's newest product)

anyone who's interested may go in to their store and try smelling them. LOL
yea i am promoting :)
no harm getting a few bars and put in your room, it'll last you up to 2-3 months!

and yea...
this is for my bitch..
-everything will be fine-
i'm still here for you :)
God Bless

Quote of the day:
A true friendship will last forever even if you don't see or talk ever since decades.
You should not harm, because you do not like to be harmed.


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