Thursday, April 29, 2010

holiday busy?

i know i am being so so so busy again~
even though school ended a week ago, i haven't really had a great time enjoying my life
crazy huh?
Today I went all the way to my school to get Metropass. Erhem, inform ya'll that it is so much cheaper to get from school. LOL! Any of you guys who doesn't know what a Metropass is, it's like a monthly card for you to use as many times as you want for public transport. That's it :)
i got there around 12.30pm and they were having lunch til 1pm
so I waited and headed over to my design building
They were decorating the school with student artworks because the art show starts today~
i am so lazy to type. LOL
i was blogging and suddenly laptop went BLANK
blacked OUT. i was freaking out and didn't know what happen
OK.. it was like 12.30am midnight and im TIRED!
the next thing i knew is that the laptop totally SHUTDOWN
i thought it had some internal problem O_O OMigosh~
next thing.. i was the was totally out from the socket = ="
and this whole while i was using laptop's battery to survive
i know i am. LOL
anyway..after getting my metropass i went to Eatons to walk around. by myself
and stroll around here and there :)
shopping alone ain't that fun sometimes~
after that i went to Centrepoint Mall~ and went to Canadian Tire...
my mom wants me to buy a new vacuum cleaner for the house. so I did
yah I DID
i carried the big junky all the way back home by BUS T_T
got home around 3.45pm
ate a little and rested awhile
4.30pm~ it's time for me to head out again
have to fetch my bf from work~
i don't drive. we take the bus here, it is just so common at Canada. LOL
got there around 5.45pm~
after that we went to eat at Yonge and Finch. (again)
the place we live at. LOL
we went to this Korean restaurant that I've always wanted to eat in at~
so we went and took a look at the menu
Sky said..."How come so little stuff to order?"
me.. "speechless"

so yea this is what i ordered...Bulgogi Rice!

our set~mini dishes. Gosh the blogspot it always loves to flip by itself without my permission
after that he sent me home and we played Street Fighter at home
wakakakakak~~ XP
and yah i kept on beating him. K.O!
*evil face*
ngek ngek
ok~ this photo was taken a few days ago. The moon was really bright
and I took a photo of it.
Apparently it didn't show up quite well
products of the day~
i bought 3 new pairs of Sunglasses
always wanted new ones~ haha
pretty? :)
have a great day everyone


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