Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loreal Warehouse 2010/ DUMPLING HOUSE

the only cosmetic and hair-care products I got for myself
spent $88 on everything including my mom's

went to Loreal Warehouse 2010 with Amanda ~
there was a long Q lining up already and it was only 11.15am (-___-)"
the business opens at 12pm by the way~
there was this lady started shouting by herself pointing at our direction..
my expression. -speechless-
oh well~ and yesh she's around 40s, im sorry
so we went in and there were already AUNTIE(s) rushing here and there grabbing this and that
especially the skin care section
gosh...do we have to be that way?
ALL the prices raised, no joke. I can say that everything is expensive
only around $1 cheaper than drug stores. Geeez!!
So I didn't get much~ just a few stuff for my mom and aunts and myself

Let me introduce some of the stuff I got...

Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara+ Purple eyeshadow
combo pack promo $5
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Under Eye Concealer $2.50
Garnier Skin Renew Awakening Roller $7
Stella Sheer Perfume (new brand) $22

I didn't get any other skin products. Well actually I planned to get Biotherm eyecream but then they didn't have it~sigh
Other skin cares were extremely pricey, to me at least =(
After warehouse~ we went for lunch at 88 Pho (Vietnamese noodles) at North York

after that went to Fabricland to get some zippers for my mom. Saw an awesome looking fabric so I bought it =P
YES i have a sewing machine at home right now, hoho!

then we went to WINNERS at Sheppard & Yonge Centre~
omg seriously the stuff in there are GOOD, I mean the price is almost the same in the warehouse (=_____=)""

i am not going to mention any pros and cons. yesh
i saw an eye serum. OMG finally! My eye serum ran out~ so i got this for only $7.99
oh yeah XD
then i got some other stuff for mom and got a game for my bro~ =D

I am blogging twice again! teeehee
last Sunday~went out with my dear to downtown =)

1st time went to Chinatown together~
walked around just to pick a restaurant to it in
so we saw a Dumpling House~looks yummy. So we went in
my Canada dry!
this is 炸酱面 (Zha Jiang Mian)~$6
12 pieces fried dumplings (锅贴)~$5.99
12 pieces dumplings (水饺)- $4.99
it tasted pretty good~
If you guys at Canada and wanna try it~ don't hesitate!
Get to Chinatown at Spadina...and it's a corner shop,
It's pretty obvious that it sells dumplings.LOL

After that we went to Dundas Square~
There was some event going on I guess

This cool guy was singing =) he's good~~~
walked around the mall. Planned to get some clothings but nah!

I guess food was our only thing on that day (=___=)
we went to Nathan's Phillips Square and bought poutine!

What is poutine?
Fries+chunks of cheese+beef sauce = AWESOMENESS of ALL
LoL~tasted really good =) hmmm~

hotdog! hoho~

sat awhile in the park =)
nice warm weather ~even though it was 20 degrees but still I couldn't bare with it
i know i suck =P

went home~ i felt asleep on the train =="""
saw some pretty flowers near condo~hehe
it's Spring! =)

beautiful sunset light, the photo is ugly~
if I have a higher MP+better quality camera i can definitely take a much better photo =__=
seriously the actual view of that tree and sunlight was a-m-a-z-i-n-g
i know, you couldn't tell from that photo (=____=)

this is from today...
it's just avocado, i know. but i LOVE it!!
i don't love the fact that it's GREEN =___=
it's because it taste.....unique and....nice
that's all i can say. HOHO

no it doesn't look disgusting ~
try avocado with condensed milk
i am sure you'll love it if you love both avocado and condensed milk =)

God Bless~
take care peeps!


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