Friday, May 21, 2010

toyota matrix


beautiful car isn't it? Toyota Matrix in black

it ain't my new car =(
It's my man's new car~ HOHO. geeee he said I could drive it if I have a license =D

After that went for grocery shopping! =)

finally...I get to eat my... red bean paste!! (T ^ T)
i haven't eaten this thing for such a long time~~
N久 没 吃 了 ~

Yesterday...he brought me to have Dim Sum!
Black Bean Sauce fried with beef & rice sticks
Roasted Pork Pastry
(I have no idea how to say it in English)
Eggplant with shrimp fillings
this is the best of all for me~ HOHO
i have no idea what it was called
but it's this HUGE dumpling inside the soup...
as you can see...and just POKE it POKE it
there are tons of fillings
shrimp, chives, crab, meat= DELICIOUS

we ordered 8 items and it cost $24 overall
cheap eh? For Dim Sum!

going to Costco with mama & him later..
have a great day everyone :)


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