Sunday, May 9, 2010

snow in spring?

Guess what~ I barely blog these days, coz I have nothing to blog about.
Seriously it SNOWED during spring. YES it snowed yesterday (-_____-)

WHAT?! Yes it was freaking cold like winter. OK... no comment about that~

see those white bits of snow? Geee~
Late in the afternoon yesterday went to Wal-Mart with him and got some stuff for myself
and also for my mom :)

The weather was so cold.~ LOL and windy (-___-)"
After bf and I went for HOTPOT!
oh yeah~
$25 per person (dinner)
Located at Warden-Steeles. 喜刷刷
original soup and spicy soup
we can mix our very own dipping sauce :)
nice environment and food
but loads of AJINOMOTO >__< was so thirsty after... i barely blog and barely take photos especially photos of myself.. ouh please im getting old.. LOL


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