Sunday, May 2, 2010

summer is in

-photo above is taken somewhere near my bf's condo. Beautiful flowers :)
the weather at Toronto today said it was going to rain...but as I stepped out of my apartment the humidity and heat was piercing on my pores. OK it wasn't THAT dramatic
LOL but yea it was hot. no rain at all in the afternoon. BOOHOO!
he planned to go grocery shopping with me. LOL~so we went and had lunch first
he wanted to try on my sunglasses~looking beautiful isn't it? LOL
so we went to Leslie and Finch and had lunch at a luncheon meat store
you guys should really go there. It's just right beside Sunny Supermarket.
It's not hard to find~

i ordered roasted pork and chicken rice

after that we went shopping and got some food stuff. He bought a watermelon =__=
gosh it was so heavy and we had to take the public transport.. OMG
yesh I had to carry the watermelon under the hot sun =__=
nah i wasn't the only one carrying heavy stuff, he had another pack of heavy things as well

stayed for awhile and cooked lunch box for his lunch time at work tomorrow :)
then went home and had dinner with mama
woohoo i kept on K.O him =P
i know..don't be mad if you are reading this..LOL


say hello to the birthday girl :)
her official birthday is actually today, Sunday. teeehee!
But we came out and celebrated earlier. we went for KARAOKE at TEN23
ooo yeah~

sadly..there were supposedly to be 6 of us.
only 3 turned up (-_____-)"""

ouh well~ but we did had fun too right?
Happy hour karaoke 4pm-8.40pm
was hungry~then ordered some food

my sandwich and fries
tasted awesome :)
karen's squid balls
LOL ok squid balls just sounded hilarious to me, i have no idea why
my cup of Shirly Temple drink
Lissy said it tasted like gummybears. haha~!
Lissy I know you want my CD.. i will give it to you. SOMEDAY! hahaha
yesh it all happened that Lissy wants me to record my singing. ouhh well :)
LOL save those high pitch notes for me to sing okie XD
thanks guys


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