Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new puppy & cellphone

i got my new cellphone =)

LG GD580
i have no idea how long this cellphone came out
but it looked gorgeous to me =)
my brother told me i should have gotten BlackBerry
but i was like..
i ain't favoring BB~i'm still loving the Jap style looking phone =D

seriously the main menu looks adorable. (O.O)

comes with LCD front light~ very pretty

my next new thing ish...
Little PUPPY QQ!!
yes, his name is QQ
awwww ain't he a little cutie?
his dad is pomeranian and mom is esquimo
so he's 75% pomeranian and 25% esquimo

boyfie and I went all the way to Scarborough to get him~
btw we found him on Kijiji!! Sky and I decided to have a puppy because I told him that I love puppies ^_^v
so he decided to get me one and that we can take care of him together~~

hello little cutie boy~ =D

carry him and he loves to sleep like a little baby
in his little mini bed.

awww sleeping on my lap. =D
too bad he doesn't stay with me =(
he stays in my man's house~
but yesh

ouh yah~QQ loves sleeping in my laundry as well

take a look at these videos


Fanny said...

how pretty cellphone!
so cute puppy^^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

omg QQ is so cute! Just look at that little tummy and his little ears :D

iPhone 4 case said...

QQ is so cute. And as for your new mobile phone, it is very unique and cute that is right for your cute persona.

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