Tuesday, June 15, 2010

shiseido skin mask

nah I don't have good skin. haha =P
excuse me for my horrifying look above. My naked face revealed to the public. BLAH!
Anyway, I just got this SHISEIDO EVENESE dr. MASK II lately~
got them for $1 each packet
tried them on and it worked really well with my pores!
Even though I wasn't really satisfied with the pores around my face
but then the pores around my nose...whoa

well, you can go ahead and start googling or Youtubing stuff about this product
sort of lazy to describe how you want to use it =P

But yes, as time flows(30 minutes min for mask to sit on face) I can see white stuff stuck on the black mask O___O

REALLY scary+。。。 to me~ LOL
you can try it, works pretty well for blackheads and dead pimples.
No joke, it PLUCKS out the unwanteds!
I don't think so this product works for everyone, well maybe different skin types.
I bought this pink packet too!
BB Cream+Palgantong Theater Powder+Puff

Haven't tried it yet, but going to use it on my birthday =]

went for bubbletea with Jason and Sky the other day~

...not my cake.LOL~belongs to chubby bumbum aka my dear =P

Very Mango Mango Drink
seriously, that is the name of the drink.haha
-not my drink as well-

my drink is here...TAAADAAA!
Lavender Ice Slush
featuring tapioca and yellow straw

the dark brown stuff ain't dirt (=___=)"
it's flower chunks in my drink.hehe~

had dinner with Sky the other day~
(yes another another day I had so many another days since I haven't been blogging for awhile.
I don't even hecka remember which day was it.LOL)

he brought me to a China chinese restaurant
Love this dish, Beef~spicy cold dish
tofu+mixed vegetables
duck in hot spicy gravy
(personally don't really favor this dish, way too salty)
Black Bean+walnut+fried chicken
(personally love this dish, great taste)

Shop located at Midland and Finch,
across Scotiabank at the corner

gonna start work soon
i'm half excited
i'm half scared