Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more food?

somewhere last week went for a Japanese buffet with my dear
Japanese restaurant name WASABI
awesome food, awesome taste
located at Highway 7 just right accross Commerce Gate =)

fresh sliced sashimi salmon and clam

the buffet style~ Grab it all you want!

my lovelies, the grab tasted good.
i love mussels, FRESH
i had the BEST mussles in the world at New Zealand


but too bad, it's a rare chance to have the chance to taste it again

more photos of food i made throughout the week! :)
Yay my daddy is coming back today...
so yah, less cooking and house chores for me? :P

Red Wine Beef with Onions


* i have no idea WHY blogger likes to rotate my photo*
Does anybody knows why?
psssh ugly rotated photo =.="

Beef Tribe

the overall dishes~ beef bone soup.
cucumbers. errr..I guess that's about it.


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