Friday, March 1, 2013

40th Anniversary- AUTOSHOW 2013

Hello everybody! Happy starting of 1st March 2013! It's been too long...a month since I last spoke of healthy nails. Chinese New Year this year was pretty awesome because

mommy stayed for celebration! Since she kept on flying back and forth from my hometown and Canada. Things were too busy!
CNY wasn't that bad as I've enjoyed as many food as I want. SO I gained more weight..


Anyway....have you guys heads about the Autoshow? It was held in downtown Toronto last month; an exhibition of popular car brands. I was somewhat quite tight on budget and thought that Sky and I should just leave this year's car show out of our list. 

So one random I went to search online regarding the show, to my surprise I went onto the organizer's site and they had a giveaway on PINTEREST. They were giving away 2 FREE tickets to people who post good looking photos of cars from the previous years' exhibition. I TOOK THE CHANCE. HAHAHAHAHAHA

and guess what...I WON
*well I was one of the chosen winners, there were others who got chosen as well*
wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo (^____^)
was super darn happy~well yea I love cars and...yesh yesh! veli nice veli nice...

anyway.... they were super nice! Mailed the tickets directly to my residence...

I've been wondering what's MEDIA DAY about...shall there be bloggers too?
If anybody knows anything about this, let me know. I would really love to join the crew to blog about the show! (^___^) I saw 2 bloggers who had tags on their necks last year....hmm interesting!

Erhem, you're not going to see any of my faces because I was too busy taking photos of rides!
Enjoy the photos~~~ (^____^)

I enjoyed myself as you can see...too many lovely cars!
GAAAH I just wish I have enough $$$ to get those posh rides! hehe (^__^)"
Besides getting to have fun with rides, I got some freebies too!
Samples from FreBreeze...newspapers etc etc.... it was really cool.
Too bad President's Choice didn't hand out cookies this year =(
Love their chocolate cookies! hmmmm~

'til next post..
pssst...what would you guys like me to blog about?


Fi said...

Congrats on winning! You taken many lovely pictures :)

And I'm know what you mean about CNY food. I'm still battling my post CNY weight gain+_+

neeyd said...

Looks like you had so much fun! ^-^ Awesome pictures!
Check out my giveaway please <3


RaeAbigael said...

WOW! so interesting! :)) i hope i could go in an event like this one day :) anyway, i have an on-going international giveaway on my blog! i hope you can check it out and join if you haven't yet because I would love you to win!

Rae ^^)

Anonymous said...

congrats on winning ;) I have never won anything ;(.
I love cars too, especially all the Ferrari cars♥


Anonymous said...

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Joshua Hideki said...

Congrats!! :)

Lis Yeung said...

Oh my godddd I SEE YOU IN THAT VW CONVERTIBLE BEETLE. I SEE YOU. I bet it was hella nice in there ;_____; Looks like you had a blast though ^^

Chinnyob said...

Congrats on winning. your pictures are lovely and that ride suits you.

I'm hosting a giveaway

Kati カティ said...

Congrats on winning and thanks for sharig the pictures ^^ and you looks very cute! <3

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