Friday, August 6, 2010

need some ideas

so here's the thing...
I'm actually bored of my title banner
Does anyone have any idea how I should design my new banner?
Seriously I think I've became a noob in Photoshop already ):
ever since summer holidays started I stopped opening my Adobe CS files (-___-)"
not to mention, the most basic Paint.NET as well
but yah that's out of the topic
I'm looking for a sorta gyaru/japanese/kawaii look for my new banner (:

but yesh
Ideas anyone? (:


~ Beve said...

you don't always have to have blonde hair to be gyaru. some might disagree, but this is how i think. i don't want to color my hair, so i just use different color hair extensios! their easy and you can change them whenever you want to!

❤MiChikㄖ❤ said...


hmm, true. I used to have blonde hair but then it got really dry so I had to cut them all off. (-___-)" LOL now I'm with dark hair.~ But yes thank you for the comment =D

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