Wednesday, August 4, 2010

where did i go?

no fake lashes
no lipgloss
just eyeliner
ok, what the heck is wrong with me?
I know I am still LOVING the Japanese Gyaru look
but yet I am not achieving any of the look anyhow :(
sad right?
I had been watching tutorials and yet i FAILED at achieving the look
i suck at make-up already :(
Yes indeed, I was away for awhile,
nope, not far away to some island or another country
just stayed away from the computer
Well...2010 summer wasn't as fun as last years.
"things" occur, unfavorable ones.
not going to mention about it, so don't even bother asking.
I can say that my summer...
had all just been about
eating, shopping, playing games, DIY-ing, and playing with my puppy
that is literally IT

seriously, I've gained weight (-____-)
UGH! I told myself right starting of summer that I'll lose to 45kg?
But guess what, I GAINED.
daddy said I gained too- alot :(

gah, ain't matter
you guys can say that i was MIA for whole 2 weeks. or probably 3?
apologies for not blogging :)
I should do more hauls. 
i had been shopping ALOT
im addicted to eBay (-_________-)
no joke, I start buying stuff online nowadays
but it takes LONG LONG LONG period of days/weeks for items to arrive
im impatient, but what to do?
yes i am still waiting for my things to arrive
and from then i'll make a haul! =D
can you guys actually believe that August arrived?
and it seemed like it was last year that I just moved to Canada
time flies. & i am getting old :(
oh YAY I got a delivery notice today,
going to collect my parcel tomorrow...
I wonder what had arrived :)
nooo im not a freak, i am pretty excited what came! :)
*even though I have no idea what I got before, I got too much stuff :X *
til then...
i'll surprise u guys ;P
take care!


Anonymous said...

Some people cannot see the wood for the trees.............................................................

Anonymous said...

heyyyy you're still beautiful you know :)


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