Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's October already. Can you believe it?
Time flies. Especially at Canada
No joke. It's the end of another week and weekend is coming ahead
and I had been in school for a month now
That is seriously quick. LOL
current time 2.08am. I know I haven't been blogging in ages.
Well, just a week ago. LOL I've been really busy
had to stay up late to finish projects, not because I did them last minute.
Sometimes things just comes in all of a sudden
I have actually bought MANY stuff from eBay and malls
But I have no time to show you people =(
No...I really need to take photos and start posting them up! Pronto!
I will be blogging about the society nowadays.
The society in my school. LOL
I'm tired now. Needa get to sleep
Ouh by the way, I have a 1hour sleep on the couch at school this afternoon
neck sprain!
but anyhow.
Get ready for my blog post tomorrow =]
it's so realistic that many of you have/have not/going to face it


❤MiChikㄖ❤ said...

ouh yaah...

going to change Blog Layout too
anybody have any links to sites? =]

Anonymous said...

I agree, time is going by super fast! It feels like it should still be summer D:

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