Monday, October 4, 2010


As I promised, I am going to talk about stuff today. LOL
-seriously there is nothing much to talk about my daily life, it's just the same. SCHOOL!- LOL
anyway. I'm going to start a sort of mini-series of "Today's Topic is..."
so now I am going to talk about Backstabbers.
What is backstabbing?
No, not someone poke you with a knife, but a friend or a random person who knows you; talks about you without you knowing it, then someone else tells you about it.
Have you ever backstabbed someone?
Have you ever been backstabbed?
Have you ever said something behind someone/a friend before?
Sometimes your mouth tends to go really itchy, and you just felt like saying something about someone. What's the point of doing so?
Rumors here and there, pointing, staring blablabla all that drama. Is it worth the time to spend?
I was one of the victims. Frankly, I hated it.
I never backstab someone, unless that person hurted me or something.
But yes, starting a rumor about someone aint nice.
Don't call someone a friend if that person ever backstabs you.
But all of that backstabbing comes naturally among friends. Bleh to that, if you say you never backstab your friend, that's a lie. XD
I used to do that when I was very little, I admit that. Im a girl, you know, girlfriends always have to talk even if it isn't neccesary.
But now, I just don't. I don't think so I really need to talk about someone's back, because I don't find it useful, wasting time, & also it hurts others.
3 persons. A, B and C are friends.
A did something wrong to B, B confronts C and told her that A did something bad to her and that they can never be friends again.
B told C not to tell A that she told her. But then C went to tell A. Then A and C starts backstabbing B about how bad she is bla bla bla.
After all that drama B went back to A and befriends again.
Waddaya call that situation above? lol Have you ever been into that situation before?
sometimes things are as hilarious as it could be.
Im not stopping you from backstabbing someone, but if you want to do it go ahead.
But think ahead, think more wisely before you act
Once you speak, you can never undo it
Some words may not hurt you, but it kills others.
Think it this way, if someone or a friend backstabs you, do you like it?
Or do you feel the pleasure of starting a war?
If you found out your friend said something bad about you behind your back, ignore them.
Walk away and keep calm. Don't confront them.
-things are going to get worst
-save your time and breath, you know that the situation will never get better
-show them a lesson, let them know that you don't care and that they've lost a friend
I don't know. This is just part of my opinion, and this is what I do as well.
In this society, we need friends. You don't need BEST FRIENDS to live.
Live with loyal truthful friends. Someone who respects you.
Backstabbers are EVERYWHERE
you only need to be caution with them.
Stay them far away
If you have secrets or things you wanna share or talk about, go find someone you can really rely on and someone who doesn't spills. I can say that parents or family members are your best friends in this world =]
Isn't it?


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