Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Niagara Falls

Guiness World Records' free yellow balloon behind
Hey all! I know it's been awhile since I blogged. Been pretty busy on my shop and stuff.
Of course, travelling made my day!
I had been travelling to Niagara Falls! Had so much fun with my family and friends
Travelled with my family, boyfie and brother's friends~~
Yea I am more to a picture type kinda blogger. I put more photos than words. LOL
so yes, go ahead and enjoy. Lots of photos uploaded for you all :)
*p/s : I actually recorded videos and was going to edit them into a short clip
but then my laptop is too retarted to function :(
Anyway, I'll do that later....
Trip to Niagara Falls took us 2hours drive! Well it wasn't that long
I had been eating potato chips in the car. lmao

Clifton Hill
where all the games, the fun, the people, everything's there!!
First stop was the falls. AWESOME
we went for the Maid of The Mist
if you have no idea what that is..
It's actually you wearing a free blue raincoat, and ride on a ferry..
and get much closer to view the falls. :)

Ever since 2 years ago til now, I have no idea what those are...
poo poos perhaps? O_O"

The falls were AMAZING! It's the best adventure EVER.
Water sprinkles around your face and you'll get all wet
See the small little yellow people?
That's actually USA.
I mean the USA side.
The falls split in between Canada and USA
so yesh~

See the rainbow? Nope this photo is not editted :)
I just love the falls. Very pretty.
We got off the boat and our hair, face, hands were all soaked. LMAO
wet but fun ;P
Next stop. Scenery view
Romantic garden with summer flowers

Daddy then brought us to HERSHEY's chocolate store
For all you chocolate lovers out there, THIS IS THE PLACE
Buy 5 free 1!
So many chocolate filling pasteries.

They are actually inexpensive! Buy 2 free 1.
My dear ordered Chocolate Smoothie
and O-M-G this is the BEST smoothie I've ever had!!
Chocolate thickness- 100%
Chocolate taste- 100%
Smoothness- 100%
People who are going to Niagara soon or in the future,
don't even miss it. LOL
inside the HERSHEY's store....
LOL boyfie trying to act cute =P
ok..this ain't no giant choco. It's a piggy bank :)
Very adorable! I've thought about getting one..
but then the price is over my budget :(
outside HERSHEY's we met REESE man!
YAY!! he was a nice guy :)

Paul, bro, ariel and boyfie

HERSHEY's main door. SOOO CUTE!

we went to many places for fun.
went to the HAUNTED HOUSE at 11.30pm
not scary at all. LOL

It's actually...ermmm...a maze and you have to find your way out.
You'll have a card and you have the find the 4 letters M-A-Z-E to get out. LOL
I used 17minutes =.=" too slow
lotsa stuff in there :)

very pretty.
Her dress is made out of butterfly wings!

a BIG BIG chair. my bro looks tiny. teeehee~

a mini jeans pants signed by the very famous Sharon Stone

That shoe is REAL. Worn by 1 of the tallest man ever lived.

This is him. So tall.

This is the heaviest man in the world

very pretty purse eh?
It's made out of cigarette packets. AMAZING!

cute dress
made out of candy wrappers

kinda blurry.
The actual scene there was a tiny man sitting on a vase talking
LoL very real
see that coin?
reach it. LOL
nah it's unreachable

a painting?
get a closer look....

It's actually made out of Swarovski Crystals!
I had fun!
I wish to go back again and just relax the scenery...
and the quiet and natural ambience. :)
take care peeps
visit my online store! OPEN TO PUBLIC :)


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