Sunday, September 5, 2010

daddy i need malaysian food

sadly I do. I miss the food, the people old house
but nah what can I do? I moved to Canada eventually.
So now there's a new life here...
Thank You daddy for getting me a new desktop aka computer (:
love it love it love it!
I didn't get to have a desktop ever since I moved to Canada
*I only had a laptop*
this is going to be perfect for my school work
I will having tons of files to be saved

I actually cleaned my desk today! Teehee~=P
well I actually cleaned my entire room today! LOL
and it still looks REALLY REALLY PINK =D
I went to have beef noodles 2 days ago...
it's a pretty famous restaurant for it's beef noodles
*that was what many people say*
so I went there...

looks yummy! =D
the taste is NOT BAD i can say
it's not delicious, but it's not bad
works with people who have light taste buds
if you like light and somehow plain food, this is for you
ok darns my photo just rotated by itself again =.=

my dad cooked malaysian food today. OMG!
I love it when he does that~
he made Prawn Noodles Soup today
*superb yummy*
can't get it at Canada of course
my dad is such a good cook.
I've convinced him into being a cook and open a restaurant, but he seems to ignore my idea :(
geeee, it'll be great if he's going to have one.


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