Monday, September 6, 2010


my expressions
my feelings
everything is shown in the picture above
*excuseeee meee if I look retarted*
can you believe this?
I am actually nervous for school. LOL!
and I don't know why
even though it is not my first year/first day to school, but still I feel the...errr heat coming

I love my school. Really.
Can't wait to go to school again and have fun!
yah the photo above is REALLY a photo of a part of my school
I had been spending 5months of summer holiday
Almost half a year not going to school.
But yea. 2nd year is starting on Wednesday
Do I even remember how to take the subway & bus to school?
hahahahaha~geeez I haven't been taking the subway for months already!
woot woot.
God Bless
GoodLuck to myself and to everyone! =)


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