Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Brother

*brother playing my NDS =D
my brother turned 18. Today is not his actual birthday tho, just wanted to celebrate it earlier
Times flies! Imagine it. It's already December, the final month of year 2010.
Gaaaah....everything when I think that time is passing by so quickly, it's like no turning back for what I have done. Just have to move on... (o____o)
here is my look of the day :)
Not much changes? Changes?
I know I haven't been blogging for awhile since
because I have "LOST" my camera
PFFFFF, am I careless or what?
Sky found it in my dad's car (-______-)
my baby camera got hidden waaaaaaaaaay under the back seat.
Sky dug it and found it
I am quite happy, but still...sadly can't have a new camera :(
SX30, my dream camera of all...
pictures time!
the males. *where is Sky?*
sitting there <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
LOL over...there <<<<<<<<<<<

daddy again...
told me to take a snapshot of him -again-
he likes to pose in front of the screen. LOL

we went to Starwalk Buffet again.
If you had been following my blog since the start, you can review my previous post, same place XD

my brother said :"Do you know that we always come here on my birthday?"
yea exactly, we do.
We should get a new place next year :)

Sunset of Toronto.
BLEH, my 7.1MP camera doesn't really take "nice" shots of beautiful stuff
SX30 DOES! 14.1MP, 720HD video, erhem YES i memorized all the functions =x

After food, we went to BEST BUY near scarborough town centre
Daddy was going to get him a present
so my bro chose DDR and a game for PS3= awesomeness

while at BestBuy, I wandered around and went to the camera section.
(T____T) sigh, saw my SX30, it is pricey to me
maybe compare to the SLRs it is NOT pricey, but for me it is =/
maybe coz I don't earn money yet?

I wandered around that section for 3 times. Literally.
This showed you people how much i LOVE that camera. uhuh!

but sadly...still waiting for that day for SX30 to come to my palms...come on..come on...

oohh yes did I mention that winter arrived? =O
some of you hates snow, some of you don't

for me...eehhh I am sorta okay with you.
just suites the christmas feel :)
BUT, not so good's slippery on the floors

so people, becareful when you walk on snow/wet floors ok

I found my camera and decided to blog. That's a good thing
but what had been keeping me away despite my disappearance of my camera is my TONS of SCHOOLWORK

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