Monday, November 29, 2010

hello November!

Hello my dearest blog followers, I know it has been awhile since I blogged =(

I am so so so so so x100 i don't know how many times I can say to describe how busy I am with my school work. Every time or every day after i came home from school,
all i do is just put down my bag, wash my hands, probably shower, or most probably if i had no time, i would just start doing my assignments.

Then assignments goes on for the entire night until i get to bed and sleep. LOL

Ouhhh, again....I've lost my camera for like...a month now? No..I don't know. -sigh-
stupid~Don't even know where did it fell (=____=)

BUT, I am hoping to get a new camera, SX30!!!! I want (=____=) !@#$%^&*())(*&^%$#@!
no money~heh. HATE it

MUST MUST MUST, anyway...........
since I don't have a camera, i can't take pictures of anything or make any videos which is really really really sad =(
No YouTube videos to be made, no nice photos to blog with. sigh

but promise I will get a new camera soon, if I could, or i should just use a camera someone lend me which is only 5.1MP (-____-) *erhem, I dislike low MP cameras no offence*

but anyhow, it's still a camera right?

that's it for now...
take care peeeps :)


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