Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Dong Festival

*mixed vegetable dish*
What is Dong Festival?
Well Dong Festival is a day where all the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese celebrates the very first day of official winter.
It was the Chinese Dong Festival yesterday
But for the other races, I'm not very sure..
dad cooked yummy food again last night! =3
General Tao Chicken
dad's first time cooking this dish
it taste soooooooooooooooo good

Fried Salmon
yummy yummy
and he made a sauce with it too.
There were fresh lettuce and a chinese herb soup served
yummy food for the night!
As for dessert...

Chinese Rice Balls
also know as Tang Yuan in Mandarin

looks cute right? =D
dad bought 2 flavours
1 is black sesame
another is red bean paste

black sesame

I didn't get to take the red bean ones
because it was pretty hard to see them
the rice balls were to sticky.
this is just a short post
gonna post more later
Happy Holidays and Merry X'Mas everyone!


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