Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KOSE mask review

Hello beautiful people.
KOSE beauty mask. A popular mask in Japan.
This is my first time getting this mask.
I had been wanting to get it a long time ago but the price was a lil too pricey for me
So guess what, I got it much cheaper ;P
Anyway, BLOGGER flipped my pic again =/
anybody knows why they always do that?
I bought 2 boxes of mask. 2 different ones of course
one is Q10 mask.
I have no idea what Q10 is, but I know Q10 as in the vitamin drug form..
but never knew what's Q10 for masks,
I guess it should be the same? lol =D

and the other one superb moisturizing mask
for dry skin, to lock in moisture.
I thought that winter arrived so it's kinda
good for me to get mask like this.
You know, winter's cold and dries up skin easily

I gave the mask a try yesterday
opened up the box and it looked adorable!
Lookat that pink! =3

then tears open the top...
The mask stores in a box for convenient purposes!
So I put on the mask after shower for around 30mins
in 30mins I was playing my Nintendo-DS
heh~ ^_^
the results..
My face felt so smooth, soft and hydrated!
ok, ok this is not a promotional blog post
I bought these products by myself!
If it's not good, I will let you know
I am so darn honest =D
If you wanna try the mask just click the link below:
My Tips for mask:
- I store my mask in the fridge before I use them.
I like the cooling effect!
-I keep my masks in the fridge so that they last longer!
mask have expiry dates.
Happy Masking! ;P


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