Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping Time!

It's weekend again, can you imagine how fast time flies? =O
I had been watching drama with my dad these days, since I am "sorta" free from work but actually I am not. LOL *lazy lazy*
Anyway, went out with Sky today to downtown to do some shopping!
New winter jacket and shoes for himself.
*yea yea, it's opposite now, he does shopping and I don't* LOL
first stop, his work place...
had some delicious Panini, potato salad and spaghetti salad


so yummy..with sesame sauce =D
If you are from Canada, please go try Cafe Supreme!
Any Cafe Supreme, they have many branches.
So headed downtown after...
saw the Swarovski Christmas Tree again!
Everytime I see this tree it reminds me that another year has gone....
and yes, time FLIES, so quick!
Please please treasure what you have now. =]
went out for scenery seeing! *not sight seeing* teehee
with his new jacket.
I chose it for him =x
It looks good on him too!
best and most important of all, it's very warm.
Canada winter is darn cold, especially the heavy wind.
So it is always the best to have such thick shield winter jacket for protection.
*sounds awkward here and I dont know why* O__o"
Ouhh well...
on the way walking down Yonge Street
saw this very amazing ad on top, for Jean Machine
It's this lady with underwear and mini skirt on.
When the wind blows, the skirt flips and shows her undies.
I guess what they were trying to attract others to see is that, PLEASE WEAR GOOD JEANS.
I've never been into the GUESS shop and actually purchase something from there
it's too "high class" for me. LOL!
so lovely bf went in...
and he wanted to get me a handbag (-____-)
all of a sudden!
he told me to choose, but I didn't want to.
So yah..took me 30mins to choose between 2 bags *awkward*
those 2 were black ones. I like black handbags, looks cool and awesome =D
after choosing, he went to the counter for billing.
I was sitting on the couch waiting.
Then he came to me and said..
Hey look at that isn't that a better looking one?
I was like.. (!____!) *choose again?*
yah he told me to choose again (~___~)
so he ended up buying this for me...
there's actually a men behind too,
I thought the lady looked pretty so I took her =]
the men was handsome too. LOL
aahhh yes, before the handbag..
there's this redcard in it...
GUESS, *the brand of my handbag*
ok now guess which one is mine out of the 4? =D

yes this one XD
did you guess it right? hehehe
it's actually a luggage handbag
*that was what the pretty girl at the counter told me*
I could hook the luggage handle onto that slip on the handbag and just treat it like a luggage bag
how awesome is that =D
and she said a lot of people had purchased this handbag
so i guess it is a really very useful handbag after all =]
it has a solid bottom part with 5 metal studs for support from the ground.

the inside...
thank you dear. I didn't know that you will get me a handbag =/
and it cost you a lot to get me one too!
went for dinner after and then shopping again. =D
bought myself 2 hair products
Sky was saying ...
"You have so many of these at home"
I said..
"Why? Can't I buy more?"
he went speechless after XD
okay the thing is that I am sorta obsessed with hair care products.
I am obsessed with hair to be specific.
aahh ok back to topic..
I had been wanting the "S" product. *the one on the left*
Can't pronounce it, can't even spell it *epic fail*
ANYWAYS, I finally got it coz it was on SALE! =D
love love love
look at how cute the dangly stuff on it are!
I had fun shopping today
awesome day out and relaxed somehow
yah I have to work on my schoolwork again =/


真美 said...

XD I Love Cafe Supreme! was there Friday ~<3
>___< i saw the underwear lady. lol it caught me off guard for a bit

Love the bag btw~

❤MiChikㄖ❤ said...

Hey 真美!^^
yes! they serve the best panini/pita ever! =3
LOL! i was pretty shocked seeing an interesting ad on the street XD

and thank you for commenting! <3

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