Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You're Beautiful

K-Drama fans out there for sure know this drama...
"You're Beautiful"
I don't usually watch K-Dramas and this drama was introduced to me by a friend of mine. I watched about 2 episodes in 2009 and didn't continue because I watched it on my friend's laptop
So in 2010, a few days ago I digged out this drama and started watching it again.
and O-M-G I was sooooo addicted to it =x
no joke.
If I would to give a rating for this drama, I would give 100%!!!
I was so into the drama as if I was part of them =D
ehhh *blush*
If you watch it you know what I'm talking about
so now introduce some of the stars I like a lot in the drama
Hwang Tae Kyung
real name: Jang Geun Suk
ahhhh my lover =3 *blush blush*
he was sooo cool in the drama, but I still love him and his killer smile
*melts* ahhhhh~
ok seriously this is the 1st time I am so in love with a korean actor (-___-)
after my love for a taiwanese actor, now i love Geun Suk more..teeheee

next is...
Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu
real name: Park Shi Hye
ahhhh she's sooo adorable! love her too!
how lucky to have all 3 guys like her =P
she's also a spokesperson for ETUDE HOUSE cosmetics

next next, my another lover
*oohhh i have so many lovers. LOL*

Shin Woo
real name: Yong Hwa
he was the cutest, even though he barely smiles or have any reactions on his face
But still, just looking at his face makes u wanna melt O.O
he sacrificed the most in the drama :(
WHY!!!! (TT^TT)

last but not least...
real name: Lee Hong Ki
ahhhh duh duh duh, he is soo cute! He's the cutest in the drama
always joyful and kids around, but still he has a caring heart! =]
poor Jeremy when I see him cry on the bus T__T
Where did I watch this drama from?
Click Here
This is the best drama ever.
Love it Love it Love it
Even though it has only 16 episodes, but i really love how they way it ended =]
This drama is still in my mind til now (>___<)
I think I gotta stop thinking or else I will only keep on dreaming..
-wakeup already-
by the way, the 1st song played in my playlist is 1 of their OST songs in the drama,
sang by Park Shin Hye. and another version by Hwang Tae Kyung
enjoy :)


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