Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011
can you believe it? A year passed!
Time flies. Seriously.
So what's your new year's resolution? =D
My resolution is...
achieving my goals, basically achieve what I want to achieve
and achieve what I had been wanting to achieve but never
got the chance to achieve.
So how did I celebrate?
well..just went to downtown with my bf =]
just the 2 of us. teeeheee~
first we went shopping then for dinner!
Korean BBQ!

mah man~
He's wearing the GUESS shirt I bought for him =D
after dinner we walked to the
countdown place
they gave out hand straps this time
coz they are limiting the amount of people
the early people gets to go nearer to the stage
so I was one of them ^_^

performances by Canadian
eventhough I have no idea who they are
but their songs are awesome.

Check out
"These Kids Wear Crowns"
their songs are AWESOME!

and this sexy guy here...

something McGrath
omg I am so sorry
I don't remember his name T^T
countdown! YAY!
confetti and fireworks!

oooo btw they gave out balloon sticks
took me so hard to grab one =/
stingy and selfish people...
some of them took 10 sticks!
the host said should pass the balloons around
so that eveyone could get one
but Sky managed to grab one for me =]

too many people that night..
my shoes got stepped and smashed
and people pushing here and there...
my all muddy
thank you people
thank you

bf bought cotton candy for me =D
my childhood candy..
awwwww memories

the tag from the countdown
Citytv is the host for the night..
it is also Canada's no1. tv news channel
that's about it
Happy New Year guys
I wish that all of you will have good luck and healthy bodies and minds
God Bless


真美 said...

Happy new year~
=O so lucky you got to go! Looks like you had a good new year~!
wanted to go downtown so bad~! but it seemed super crowded T^T

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