Saturday, January 8, 2011

The photo post

ok..only photos and captions this time =]
Swarovski crystal from my online store ^^

pink heart Swarovski crystal necklace from my store too
click here to go to my store

Banana muffin cake =D
I baked it yesterday

banana muffins
my fam loves the muffins i baked =P
i made 5 and only 1 left.
Dad said it tasted so much nicer compare to the ones sold at shops
hahahaha :P thx dad

Quartz crystal necklace from my online store =D

a random photo of part of my room...
teeehee pretty messy eh??
Do you guys want me to do a room tour? =3

my dad gave me a few days ago
it tasted awesome!
I just wish it had more juice. LOL
pom pom is healthy too
very rich in natural colour-maroon red =D

outside my apartment

dried fruits's a healthy snack I got from Metro
those ones with a whole big bucket where u get to take as many as
u like in a bag =D
my horlicks drink
went to karaoke with Sky today and ordered this

my lunch at karaoke
Udon and Beef with satay sauce
tasted good

Sky's food
his one tasted soooo good
and is even cheaper than mine. hoho

chicken meat and sausage. with black pepper gravy, ok NOW im hungry

dinner we went to NakWon for Korean food
my spicy beef soup.
Sky's pork bone soup

went to Fairview Mall today and got stuff! YAY
actually got a Canadian Goose winter jacket at FAIRWEATHER for $90.30!! great price
and some hair and face products from shoppers
current fav on heat-protecting hairspray is
a pretty inexpensive and very helpful heat protectant spray
since I owez use the straightener for my bangs
I always use TRESemme
on sale for $3.99 each
Clean & Clear products are on SALE too!
bought this make-up dissolving foam wash
Will be doing some skin care review later on =D
haven't tried this product yet
but will do so!
sales price $6.99


Michiko's fan said...

a room tour post will be interesting~
p/s: u'r soooo cute n pretty~~~!!! it's even glowing through ur room~!

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