Monday, January 17, 2011

Japan Rohto Lycee Eyewash

chubby face feat new glasses
went for Vietnamese food with Sky last Friday
Spring Rolls
the best ones ever

my small size beef balls/rare beef noodles
took me 30~60mins to finish it
such a huge bowl
but yet still didn't finish everything

My order from China arrived! =]
all thanks to Sky's parents who helped with the delivery

i only bought eyeglasses, ear muffs and microphone
wanted to get those furry socks and Beauty Diary masks
but sadly, too heavy =(
maybe next time

ear muffs!
winter is soooo chilly/cold at Canada
ear muffs are good for protecting and keep your ears warm

eye glasses
just for fashion purposes
I thought it came with lenses but nooo
only the frame.
Oh well, It's okay then =]

went to Pacific Mall just to get this eyewash
found out that my eyes needs more proper treatment
since I do wear make-up most of the days in a week
Now I've lessen the amount to only wear 2~3days of makeup in a week
Want to let my eyes/skin be healthy
bought this for $23 ~450ml

the description box
sky actually knows Japanese. I didn't know that
he read it for me. LOL
well not exactly, he explained a little

i love the packaging!
it's so pink and nice =3

the opening lid

it's the cute little cup!
poured around 5ml~
and wash wash wash
shake shake shake
my personal comment on this product
rating : 9.9/10
comfortness: 9.9/10
effectiveness: 9.9/10
It doesn't sting your eyes at all!
It's so comforting and soothing
I rinsed it for around 3 mins each eye
and woohhh I didn't know that there were so many poo poos in my eyes
But overall it's GOOD
it cleanses my eyes
especially the fallen eyeshadows and mascara bitz and pieces into my eyes
my eyes immediately felt refreshed and clean!
Sky tried it too and felt that it's a good product
JAPAN i lubb u =3

played with my dslr
and took this amazing shot of my little boy
a little scary to some of you
but for me. It's cool

my early valentine's gift
I don't know why did he give it to me that early =/
that means no more surprise on valentine's day?


Steph said...

i've always wanted to try eye baths/ washes!!!
so do you remove all your make up first?? or wash w/ everything on 0.o lol

Therese said...

Where in pacific mall did u get the eyedrops?

MissFeelo said...

I'm curious which shop in pacific mall you got the eye wash from too. I really want to try this!

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