Thursday, January 13, 2011

Papaya Soap

my mini parcel arrived! :)
i told my mom to get me papaya soaps
*which are really really really good for acne and whitening for the face*
so while my mom's still at my hometown,
she bought some and mailed it to me
my mom got me 3 bars of soap and 2 packets of
whitening cream
i simply just love love love papaya soap
it's filled with vitamins
and also it's very inexpensive
compare to the other face products nowadays
It's made in Thailand! =D
one of the soaps are made in Thailand
and another one from the Phillipines

the packaging

this is how it looks like
I've searched on eBay about papaya soap
and it came out to be so expensive....
the cheapest I found on eBay was $3.49
which equals to RM9 my hometown's currency! =O
while my mom only bought a bar of soap for RM3
which is only $1
huge difference eh?
the soap is very helpful
even though my skin will feel a little dry and tight
after washing, but it helps alot!
Especially drying up my acne and removing blemishes and dead skin =]
I totally recommend people who wants to use
a more natural face product


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy this kind of soap?

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