Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 Giveaway

YAY! Guess what...
this is my very first giveaway ! (^___^)v
thumbs up woohoo hoo!~
and this giveaway is specially for Valentine's Day 2011.

Any plans for this special day yet?

So I went to this store which sells cosmetics and I bought
a few items as gifts for lovely girls out there :)
All items are bought with my own hard cash money
(no sponsors or what so ever)

Cosmetic line is tru
Made in Taiwan and distributed by Vancouver Canada

Things I'm giving away are:

-2 eyeshadow palettes (grey cover)
-2 lipgloss palettes (white cover)
-3 lipgloss boxes (transparent)
There will be 7 winners
prizes will be given out randomly to people
otherwise stated
Rules & Regulations
-Must follow my blog
-Follow my twitter (click here)
-Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
-Join my online store business group (click here)
so how do you participate?
Just COMMENT below and submit to me! :)
Choose and answer 1 of the following questions:
(do not answer both questions)
A) How did you meet your boyfriend/men/husband?
Describe why you deserve to win.
B) How are you going to celebrate Valentine's Day 2011?
Describe why you deserve to win.
*let me know which prize you want to win or else I will send out items randomly
Winners will be selected by
Only ONE entry per person.
If you enter more than once you will be disqualified
CONTEST ends on 10th February 2011 (Thursday)
8PM Toronto Canada time
I wanna give you guys the stuff earlier so
that you all can use it on Valentine's Day! (if possible) ;P
-Good Luck-

*4 colours lipgloss box
smells like chocolate+almond+vanilla+coffee
*eyeshadow palette and lipgloss palette
*3 lipgloss boxes
necklaces no included


May Kay ♥ said...

B) I'm not celebrating Valentines Day :D LOL JKS.

Steph said...

ohhh giveaway =D
can i enter?? lol

b) no bf =[ gonna watch chick flicks all night alone or w/ friends =p lol
god that sounds sad...

hmm... surprise me =D

dreamer said...

For Valentine's day, like many girls I'm gonna bake...but for myself! Haha. Of course I will give some of them to family and friends. I will go for a relaxing facial and shopping because all girls deserve some pampering ;)

I deserve to win it because I got no bf to give me presents! lol :P

gfc and youtube name: quinieleong
fb name: Leong Quinie

I love all the prizes and wouldn't mind any but since you ask to pick one, I guess I'll go with the eyeshadow palette :)

i_rean said...

A) How did you meet your boyfriend/men/husband?
Describe why you deserve to win.

-- I knew him since college time. It was 3 years back, but then he is my senior, which helps us as junior a lot. I didn't think bout get together with him till last year March he suddenly hold my hand while we watch this Álice in Wonderland movie. I remember all this clearly :) so basically we met during college time.

-- I deserved this 1stly I love Valentine's especially it's my 1st time this year to celebrate with him but sadly through webcam :( cause we are studying at other places. 2ndly, I love LIPGLOSS!

*I will choose either lipgloss boxes or the palettes!* Happy Chinese New Year guys!

YuYu Rana said...

B) Watch romantic movie with my date : )
eyeshadow palette PLease :♥

or YUYu Rana on facebook ;
followed on your blog ;twitter ; YuYUbbie

Jessica said...

Ok...So I am not one of the lucky ones celebrating Valentines Day with a Partner this year. But I am the lucky one spending it with the love of my life... My Beautiful 2 year old Aliana! I plan on dressing her and myself up in all Pink and getting our nails done with Pink mani and pedi's and just having a great day together! I love her so much and she is all I need right now! (Horrible break up with her father- going through the worst time of my life) I feel I deserve this because I have found youtube a great part of helping me forget what I'm going through while I'm on here... so I find myself on here a lot! I have taken on a new passion for fashion and of course make up! My new Addiction) :>

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