Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 Giveaway Results

So it was sort of my fault for posting up the results late
because I generated them only today at
i was superb busy these days. Sorry for that.
But anyhow.
There are 7 winners.
All chosen from the generator
Please check out my YouTube channel
and see who are the winners.
I will post up the video here tomorrow when there's time.
So apparently there's ONE lucky winner from my blog :)
the winner is...
congratulations you've won an EYESHADOW PALETTE! :D
So Jessica please send me an e-mail or contact me
with your mailing address details!
I will send you the stuff within this week.
(sort of busy with school, hope you'll understand)
I was hoping to send off before valentine's but oh well.
Lets make it like a small gift from me to you for valentines okay? :D
and for my lovely subscribers who didn't win.
Please don't be angry/mad/sad/unhappy. :(
I know you guys gave really AWESOME comments
and I enjoyed reading all of them :)
there's always another chance.
Happy Valentine's Day 2011
and Good Luck!


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