Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

How was your valentine's day? :)
Mine was kind of simple.
Straight to the point...
so I made chocolate truffles for him :)
since he likes sweet stuff and chocos ALOT

yup... yummy chocos! =D
so he came to pick me up from my place
coz he decided to take me to his place and have dinner

waited for him outside his room so that he could decorate~ haha
waited for half an hour and finally...

candle lights everywhere

he even made a trail :)
hahah~ so pretty

actually he wanted to make steak
that was what he said before
he said he'll cook everything
but ohh well , ended up i was the one who cooked the steak
at least he made the salad~ =)

don't forget the red wine!
Hope you guys had a great v-day
take care


Steph said...

awww how sweet =D
lol while you were waiting for him to decorate the room, this is was what you were tweeting about right? lol
looks like a good night ;] hehe
&& yummy food~

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