Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shoppers Drug Mart Haul/ eyecare

So I went to shoppers drug mart the other day and saw some pretty good deals on skin care products :)
So far I only bought 2 because I'm out of night skin care
while I'm actually still waiting for my stuff ordered from SASA with stephanie
stephanie helped me with the order so BIG THANKS to her :)
so there 1st product is...
Bio Oil
original price for like $14.99
and got it for $8
this product is actually for scars and stretch marks
*and I thought that only after pregnancy ladies uses this*
but it stated.. SCARS too
so I might as well give it a try
yea I have scars on my face~ coz of previous acnes
I hate it. Still finding a remedy to cure it
2nd product...
GARNIER extra moisturizing night care

i love the colour. It's sort of a very soft light blue
smells like the ocean~
scent is not heavy at all
very light

when dap on finger it looks transparent.
When applied onto face, it feels soothing
and a little icy cold
like it just calms down your face

3rd product..
I didnt buy this at shoppers, I got it awhile ago from a forum

Body Shop eyecream for men
the lady said that this could be used by ladies as well
So i tried it~
love love love it!
It took me almost 6 months to finish that small bottle!
It's very smooth~ and glides easily
it's doesn't smell nice. nor do stinky
just a very neutral smell

I finished this bottle~
thought about purchasing another one soon if possible! =D

4th product...

DL eye serum
had been using this for almost 6 months too
it's pretty ok~ just ok for me
not as good as the Body Shop's one

it stated that this serum will give instant lift to eyes
but I did not see any results after application.
LOL i guess it doesn't work on me?

looks transparent~

However I'm still waiting for my SASA products! :D
so excited

and I've also ordered something from eBay
it's gonnabe a surprise for u all ;P
so stay blogged~


Steph said...

WAHHHH i feel so bad >< SaSa seriously hates me... it's STILL in verifying payment ><

sweet bio oil!!! let me kknow how it works =D

hello body shop eye cream... as soon as i finish my sample Olay one =]

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