Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bwing Bwing!

contact lenses: Pink series
the title Bwing's a new word from me
original word is Bling! I made me Bwing coz it sounds kawaii when you say it. LOL
anyway. Long post of the week again =D

My bf got me panini+salad combo from his work place
yummy! superb yummy. I never get bored of eating food there. =P

pasta salad =P yumm yumm


taaadaaa the panini! =D
chicken zucchini

spinach too
soooooooooo yummy
Last Friday...
went out with Dorkis-Chan
teeeheee kawaii~~~
isn't she adorable?
at first i thought that she's only 16.
But then she told me that she's 22!
I was like.. SHOCKED! =O
coz we are the same age?! LOL
I didn't know that....
I got so thirsty and had a cup of watermelon juice with tapioca
only asian places sells bubbletea =P
$2.50 for this cup
After night..
for dinner boyfie and I went to have Japanese food at Yonge and Finch

the sashimi and sushi combo for two is around $35++
amazingly fulfilling and superb delicious!
we like going there coz the sashimi there is very fresh
I used to hate sashimi coz once I had stinky raw fish in my mouth
I finally blinged up my phone! YESH!! XD
after all these years....hahaha
*i sounded so obsessed*
and also I got a new phone too
since my older phone contract expired. So dad said it was time to change
so I got this phone for $120
then got the casing and screen protector....
I blinged up my phone when I went out with Dorkis-Chan
$15 for everything :)

with flash

without flash

so pretty right? ^O^ kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~
my friend are so Jap! hahaha yessh =P
Did my nails too..
well I made them at home
seriously I've never been to any nail salon for my nails =/
should try to go to one 1 day

silver glitter bing bling
and as for the pinky, I piereced a hole & put a dangly accesory on it :D


Anonymous said...

hey what phone is that? so $120 for the phone, but did you have to sign a contract

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...

It's htc HD7 windows phone. Original price around $600+ if not mistaken. Now I sign a 3 years contract and got the phone for $120. If you are from Canada.. I signed it with phone company BELL :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for responding ! =D

Vivian ♥ said...

oooo your phone is SOOOO nice! <3
and your nails look amazing! (:

Steph said...

FOOD porn!!! just when i'm hungry too XD lol
fabulous nails~~~

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