Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ebay+Bath & Body Works+Cosmetic Haul

Well this is a pretty long title. hahaha
But anyhow.
I usually use more of visual stuff to describe
more on my post rather than words,
because I like seeing pictures instead of reading. =P
Anyway, this is going to be a post about my recent purchases ^__^
1st stop...
Nail Acrylic Powder
ordered from eBay. It finally came 2 days ago!
consists of 3 different types
transparent, pink and white

here's the sample of how it looks like

I love acrylic nail art but I don't know how to use them

No really I seriously don't. LOL

I want to learn how to! Anyone teach me? =P

2nd stop...

Yay! Yes it is. It's Bath & Body Works

They are having a promotion going on

Buy 3 products and get 3 for free =D

only for perfume, body lotions, body bath/shower

Cosmetics/lipglosses are not included in the promotion

So here are the stuff I got :)

Got 2 colonges for my bf

1year anniversary coming soon XD

had no idea what to get him, so after school I walked to Eatons with Nikky & Steven

passed by the store and went in...TAAADAA!

3rd stop...

Rimmel Accelerator Mascara
It's on sale for $7.99 each
Pretty good price
ooo btw, bf bought me the mascara :)
Got it from the Yonge & Finch Shoppers
He bought me cosmetics for the first time. LOL

excellent look of packaging!
the words actually shines and has rainbow colours!
*being kiddy* lol~

this is how the brush looks like...
it stated that my lashes will grow longer in 30days
*lets cross our fingers and hopefully it does*

ouhhh yea. I got a $10 off coupon from Bath & Body Works
excuse me my pictures are a little mixed up. LoL
*should have put this on top instead*
But anyhow. Spend $30 or more at the store and could get $10 off on purchase!
Only last til 31st March so go work it! :D

one of the colonge got for him...
smells like the sea....
since he likes light scented/ not heavy taste..
but yet manly...
this suites him :D
I got him another black one too~
His reaction was...
How come you got me so many perfumes?
I can't use them all...
I said..
They are gonna last you forever. HOHOHO :P
4th stop...
-my stuff!!!-
YES I got myself some sexy stuff too
It's Buy 3 free 3. So i got 3 items for free! :D
Well, you can say half price for each regular prices.
Lime colonge
smells like lime obviously.
Very fresh and lightly scented
Great for after you had a great workout from the gym and then head to the shower...
then spray some! You'll feel like you are on a bed filled with limes. LOL

Got another one Orange Mandarin
same thing...
it's fruit! Tangerine? So yea, it smells healthy!
Had been wanting this for awhile...
and I finally got it!
Japanese Blossom
smells fantastic
I just applied after my shower just now
Feels refreshed and feels like I can sleep and dream well.~ :3

Sensual Amber...
Smells awesome too.
I got this because one of my friend, Nikky uses it
She gave me some to try onto my hands and it smells fantabulous :O
the scent stays on forever...~ ~~~~ LOL
and that's the end of my haul. teeheee
Hope you all enjoyed!


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