Sunday, March 13, 2011

FTW 1- Food to Win

Yes exactly. I'm starting a food haul! teeeheee~ ^___^
coz i'm a food lover. So gonna share with you all the food I eat
at home or outside :)
So today my bf and I had lunch at a
chinese restaurant we love at Yonge and Finch
name is Mandarin Garden.
aubergine, green pepper and potatoes

beef tribes, beef, spring onions, peanuts

my favourite :D
beef, dried chillis, bean sprouts

bf bought pastry for me too.
He said it's yummy~
so I've tried...indeed very yummy!!! =O
He got it from somewhere on the way before Leslie and Finch
(on the left)
it's crunchy! Not those moist soft ones

and it's buttermilk~

Last weekend went out for family dinner...
(sky came along too as usual)
at Leslie and Finch
the waitress' attitude is not good
overall size of dish is not large
(compare to other restaurants)
and they demanded us customers to give them more tips
Overall, i think it's sort of rude of them to do so
but anyway...
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Teo Chew Duck
with beancurd

Tofu with minced meat

Bak Choy
Cold Platter Jelly Fish
This one is from the week before
had this at Birchmount and Finch (at the corner)
Yummy food and good place!

Sky wanted to spend my family dinner so I suggested this place!
Cheap and yummy
Sweet and Sour Garoupa Fish

Corn and Chicken Soup

stir-fried lotus root
that's about it :)
mouth watering?


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